NEWS18 April 2011

Culture Watch study to shed light on non-native British consumers


UK— A new study looking into the impact of cultural diversity on consumer attitudes has been launched today.

The Culture Watch project is led by brand strategist Kate Wilson (pictured) and syndicated by ICM Research. It will examine the basic dynamics of a sample of non-native British consumers, their attitudes to branding and advertising, their awareness and purchasing across key market sectors and their media consumption.

The study’s central element is a syndicated quantitative study of groups including consumers from Poland, China, the Indian sub-continent and Latin America. There will be around 200 in each sample, with surveys followed up by face-to-face interviews to gather more detailed information.

Wilson said: “There is a growing appreciation among marketers of the importance of culturally diverse groups but the obstacle to successfully reaching these audiences has been the lack of reliable market intelligence. The complexity of the audiences, lack of consumer and brand based information and highly fragmented and changing media options has put understanding cultural diversity into the ‘too difficult’ box for many brands.

“Culture Watch aims to provide a strategic and marketing-focused look at the UK landscape to give marketers the information they need to assess markets and understand their audiences.”