NEWS28 March 2013

Crowd-sourced stats book kicks off in Russia

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RUSSIA — A Kickstarter project has been launched to produce a statistical picture book on Russia.

Via the crowd-funding platform, The People’s Omnibus aims to collate a statistical understanding of Russia with questions being asked by the public with answers coming from 600 Russian internet users via an online survey.

Each question will cost $100 but with options available for between $20 and $50 with participants getting a statistical picture book although the raw data will be available for free.

In addition, The People’s Omnibus is working on a tool that will allow anyone to dig into the data online.

Although starting with Russia, if successful, The People’s Omnibus plans to roll the project out to other countries.

Writing on its Kickstarter page, project leader Igor Sokolov commented: “Market and social research is a really great tool, used by government and big companies They use it to get better understanding of their customers, electorate, citizens etc., and research has proved its efficiency.

“So why won’t people themselves use research to get the information they want? There is no reason which would stop people from making their own research.”

The People’s Omnibus Kickstarter page can be found here.