NEWS11 May 2017

Cross-device behaviour highest among Gen X men and Millennial women

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US – A new report from Verto Analytics has revealed that Generation X men and Millennial women are among the highest users of multiple devices. 

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The report, Who is the Cross-device Consumer?, reveals that nearly a third of women aged 26-35 own at least three devices, compared with 11% of men of the same age. However, looking at Generation X ( 36-45 year-olds), 36% of women of this age own at least three devices, compared with 40% of men. In the 18-25 age group, 30% of women own three devices, compared with 7% of men.

Overall, the most common number of devices owned appears to be two: 52% of 18-25 year-old women and 63% of 18-25 year-old men own two devices; 58% of Millennial women and 73% of Millennial men own two devices; and 52% of Gen X women and 48% of Gen X men own two devices. 

"Cross-device media consumption has officially become the norm among most consumers," said Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics.

"As a result, we're seeing clear behavioural patterns emerge and a certain fluidity of usage—between screens and services. Brands, publishers and advertisers are waking up to the fact knowing which apps are the most popular isn't enough.

"It’s more important for them to know what consumers are doing in the app and on which device, and who that consumer is."