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NEWS9 January 2015

Consumers want to own personal data collected through smart devices

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UK —More than three quarters of US ( 79%) and UK ( 80%) consumers are concerned about their personal information being collected by smart devices as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows according to a Truste survey.

Smart devices ownership is growing with 35% of US consumers and 41% of British consumers owning one or more smart devices other than a smart phone.

Americans ( 20%) are slightly more inclined to see the benefits of smart devices outweighing privacy concerns than Brits ( 14%). However the majority of consumers – 69% of US consumers and 73% of British consumers – believe they should own any data collected through their smart devices.

And privacy and security concerns are one of the reasons people cite for not owning a smart device although expense, not seeing the point and not knowing enough about the devices are more common reasons for non-purchase..

Details of findings can be found here.