NEWS9 March 2009

Consumers raise points with F1 association

Seventeen-country survey finds desire for changes to motorsport scoring system

SWITZERLAND— Formula One teams are proposing to increase the number of points given to race winners following a major piece of consumer research.

Results of the 17-country survey say fans of the sport “want winning grands prix to count for more than it does currently”. At present, first place is worth 10 points, the runner up gets eight points and third place gets six.

The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) wants to increase first place points to 12. This should incentivise drivers to go for the win in much the same way as Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s proposed medal system, where the championship would go to the driver with the most golds.

Ecclestone had said previously: “At the moment, quite often we see drivers settling for second, third or fourth position, and the race can be dull in the final stint after the last round of pit stops. The drivers aren’t to blame, they’re racers, but the scoring system forces them to be too conservative.”

Last season, McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton was crowned champion despite wining fewer races than his Ferrari team rival Felipe Massa.

FOTA said the points proposal, among others, would be put before Formula One’s governing body, the International Automobile Federation, for approval.

Author: Brian Tarran