NEWS14 June 2018

Consumer reluctance to share location data

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US – Consumers are willing to share data on who they are but are less keen to share data on where they are, according to research from the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

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The study shows that although people will share data in several areas, even with the promise of better customisation of content, people are reluctant to share information that can personally identify or locate them.

The majority ( 95%) will share their gender, ethnicity ( 91%) and sexual orientation ( 82%) but won’t share their social security number ( 91% won’t) or their home ( 57%) or work ( 67%) address.

And offering to customise media with personal data did not significantly change their willingness to share.

Scott McDonald, president and CEO of the ARF, said: “In light of recent revelations, we must take a step back and understand how people in the US feel about the retention and use of their personal and behavioural data.

“This survey has a clear call to action to all companies in the ARF. We must respect the right to privacy and not fool ourselves that we have communicated clearly about how data are being collected and used.”

The ARF surveyed 1,223 adults 18+, balanced by age, gender and region during June 1- 3, 2018 in a mobile-device friendly format using the Qualtrix survey tool.