NEWS17 May 2016

Consumer confidence remains resilient in US, declines in UK

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GLOBAL — Global consumer confidence remained relatively stable but below the optimism baseline score of 100 in Q1 2016: rising by one index point to 98, according to figures from Nielsen. 

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The Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions revealed that consumer confidence increased in 33% of measured markets ( 20 of 61 ), compared with 43% of of measured markets showing an increase in Q4 2015. 

The index measures perceptions of local job prospects, personal finances and immediate spending intentions. 11 of the countries saw their confidence increase by five or more points compared with Q1 2015, but 21 saw confidence fall by the same margin in that time. 

In the US, a score of 110 means that consumer confidence has remained at or above the optimism baseline for nine consecutive quarters. In the UK, however, confidence declined by four points to 97. Germany saw a one point decline (also to 97 ), while in France, confidence declined by 10 points to 64. Confidence scores remained low in Spain ( 74 ) and Portugal ( 71 ), but both markets showed steady recovery, increasing by two and five points respectively from the previous quarter. 

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