NEWS15 August 2017

Consumer confidence in government in decline

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UK – Consumer confidence in the government has declined significantly following the 2017 General Election, according to new research from the7stars.

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The quarterly report from the media agency’s QT consumer tracking survey revealed that confidence in the government fell to 19% in August, a significant decrease from the 32% observed prior to the General Election in May. 

Confidence in the UK’s political system as a whole suffered a similar decline, falling from 26% to 15%. 

The drop is even more pronounced among 18-24 year-olds, whose confidence in the government reportedly fell from 18% to 7%. 

The survey also revealed evidence of  young voters’ ongoing concern about Brexit: the percentage of people reporting worries about the UK’s departure from the EU was at 55% in August, up by 7% since February. In comparison, 29% of over 45s said they were concerned. 

“This latest survey reflects the upheaval of a difficult last quarter as the hopeful air with which Brits anticipated the General Election has dissolved, confidence in the government has plummeted, and the realities of Brexit start to emerge," said Frances Revel, the7stars.

"More than ever it is clear that we are living in complex times for advertisers, where a simplistic or overly rigid view of consumer confidence, attitudes and beliefs will not serve brands well.”