NEWS8 September 2017

Consensus Point launches predictions tool on ZappiStore

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UK – Prediction markets research company Consensus Point has launched its fully automated prediction markets tool, Huunu Prediction Markets, on ZappiStore’s online research platform.

Consensus Point Zappistore_crop

Using a prediction algorithm, Huunu Prediction Markets captures the collective judgement of a target audience to predict future trends and market preferences. It can be used for early stage idea and concept testing, new product development, brand communications and marketing, market trends and discovery. 

It is now available in the UK and US and will launch in 12 other countries by the end of 2017.

Ryan Barry, CRO at ZappiStore said: "With Huunu we welcome to the platform a truly predictive method which has been validated extensively and marries both System 1 & 2 thinking in the process. This is one of our most diagnostic tools yet, answering the bell that automated research tools can truly be faster, cheaper and better."