NEWS1 March 2016

Conquest to launch ‘brand love’ predictor

Innovations News UK

UK — Conquest has announced the launch of Charismatix, a tool intended to measure ‘brand love through a combination of avatar-led online technology, cognitive science and implicit testing. 

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Conquest uses speed of reaction and accuracy in a word association task, while avatar-led animations present the respondent with a series of online visual metaphors to engage with. This is intended to allow attitudes to be expressed intuitively without the need for words or numbers. 

The approach is designed to measure ‘Self Brand Overlap', that is, ‘the cognitive distance between our self and a brand'.

“Brands have long sought to identify (overlap) with their customers but lacked the research tools to help them," said Conquest MD, David Penn. "This latest breakthrough from the Implicix Development Lab shows them exactly how to do it.” 

Charismatix will be launched on March 3 at the Insight Innovation Exchange conference in Amsterdam.