NEWS8 June 2016

Connexity launches abandonment survey platform

News North America Retail

US – Bizrate Insights, a division of marketing solutions company Connexity, has launched an abandonment survey platform to help retailers handle potential lost sales.

A credit card and cart icon, representing online shopping

The platform recognises when a person is about to leave a retail website and allows retailers to offer help to the browser to save the sale.

Hayley Silver, vice-president Bizrate Insights, said: "The new survey platform allows us to easily uncover hidden obstacles to purchase and suggest solutions to close the sale and reduce future abandonment. Retailers can choose to trigger surveys based on factors such as the percent of the page scrolled, specific pages visited, or even a custom identifier they define such as visitor demographics."

Bizrate Insights abandonment studies suggest that about 15% of abandoners come to an online store with the intent to buy, but then leave. The rest of shoppers may just be casually browsing or are further down the funnel, preparing for a future purchase.

"Beyond gathering shopper insights, participating retailers may choose to alternate between the survey and a custom offer, such as a coupon, to boost sales. For instance, retailers can target offers to select customers based on their cart value, improving conversion rates and raising their average order value," added Silver.