NEWS16 March 2011

Confirmit 16 launches with new features for non-expert users

Europe Technology

NORWAY— Confirmit has launched version 16 of its feedback management and market research platform, Confirmit Horizons, with an optional simplified user interface for non-expert users who wish to create surveys on the platform.

The slimmed-down version of Horizons is designed for research directors or project managers who want to quickly design surveys within the platform, before handing over to more advanced users of the technology to put the finishing technical touches to the survey before it goes live.

Chief strategy officer Pat Molloy said: “With version 16, users with different levels of experience and survey design familiarity will be able to create programs and gather and share feedback even more easily.”

In keeping with this aim, Confirmit has also added what it calls the Doc2Survey designer interface, which allows surveys created in a variety of document formats, such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, to be copied and pasted as is into Horizons and then marked up as required.

Other new features include a regression analysis component and a mobile dashboard, available via any browser-equipped mobile device, which allows Confirmit customers to monitor their projects while on the go and to open and close surveys as needed.