NEWS15 July 2013

‘Concentrate on where you’ve really added value for a client’

Dubit’s virtual focus group platform, The Clickroom, clinched our Best Innovation prize last year. In this Q&A, the company offer some award-winning advice to this year’s crop of contenders.


Why did you decide to enter the 2012 awards?
We’re very proud of The Clickroom and the feedback from clients has been great, so when we noticed the Innovation category we saw it as the perfect way to have it recognised at an industry level. We’re constantly looking at ways to innovate here at Dubit, whether it’s methodologies or ways to present findings to clients, but with the Clickroom we thought we had something that really was unique that clients loved so we thought it was worth giving it a shot.

How did it feel to win your category?
It was really great; we jumped out of our seats when our name was read out which might not have been the most humble way to win but we couldn’t help ourselves. We know it’s always said after awards ceremonies that the other entrants were great too, but they really were, and that’s what made it an even greater compliment – not only to be recognised by our peers but against such strong competition too.

What has winning meant for the team?
What’s great about the Clickroom is that it’s a product that both sides of the company is involved with. At Dubit we’ve been developing online games and virtual worlds since 1999 and it’s common for our research and development teams to work together on projects for clients, so it was nice to have the work of both teams recognised.

How has winning helped you in your dealings with your existing clients?
It was really nice to have clients congratulating us after the win. Even before the awards, we had existing and old clients providing testimonials. It’s also helped us open conversations with those we’ve not worked with for a little while.

How has winning helped you with your new business development activities?
It is one thing us telling clients how great The Clickroom is; it’s another being recognised with an industry award. It’s a great way to start a conversation and we’ve even had a number of calls referencing the coverage we achieved after the event.

Any tips for would-be entrants on crafting an award-winning entry?
Concentrate on where you’ve really added value for a client, whether that’s saving them money or providing added insight. We’ve always known that The Clickroom is a great tool for conducting virtual focus groups with children but we made sure that we looked for real ways its helped our clients – it’s all too easy to only see it from your point of view.

Follow the links below to enter the 2013 MRS Awards. Deadline is 31 July.