NEWS12 November 2009

ComScore makes Massive breakthrough with in-game ads

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US— Microsoft’s in-game ad network Massive has been working with ComScore to develop a way of measuring whether the adverts gamers see influence their online behaviours.

The AdEffx Action Lift for Gaming service compares in-game console ad serving data to ComScore’s post-campaign panel data to determine ad effectiveness.

ComScore is able to match online behavioural data from its panel members to gamers using Microsoft’s “proprietary, non-personally identifying Anonymous ID data”. Anonymous IDs are assigned to individual Windows Live profiles, and these profiles grant users access to Microsoft’s web properties and the Xbox Live subscription online gaming service.

Massive general manager JJ Richards said previous studies had shown that in-game advertising increases brand engagement. “What we didn’t know was the correlation between in-game ads and consumer action,” he said.

According to ComScore senior vice president Mike Hurt: “Advertisers can now track post-campaign online activity, including direct website visits, search queries and other consumer behaviours among people who have been exposed to in-game ads.”

A submission has been made to the Advertising Research Foundation to validate the methodology, the partners said.


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14 years ago

I think this is a break through for sure for in game ads. Comscore and other marketing research companies such as Safecount are coming a in in-gaming ads and measuring consumer behaviors.

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