NEWS31 July 2009

ComRes’s Greig Baker on polling


Greig Baker is head of operations at polling firm ComRes. He talks to us about his professional and private preoccupations in our Spotlight feature.

He staunchly defends the polling business and has some very interesting things to say about the next big thing in research. The Spotlight feature is proving to be one our most popular features. If you’d like to put yourself forward email Marc Brenner. Come down to our offices and have your say.


Greig Baker

*Depending on your computer set up you may need to use stereo headphones to listen to this.


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15 years ago

Questions I might have asked Greig - do you think there are too many firms in the political opinion poll game? - what makes you think MPs and MEPs give honest answers when they dissemble in so many other ways? - do you really think political reform will preceed economic recovery? If you do you must be a really optimistic chap!

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