NEWS8 September 2009

Colmar Brunton and Communispace partner in AsiaPac

Asia Pacific Trends

AUSTRALIA— US-based Communispace has teamed up with Australian research agency Colmar Brunton to develop online research communities in the Asia Pacific region.

The firms are aiming to build and manage communities for brands looking to target consumers in Australia and New Zealand, initially in the food and drink sectors.

Communispace CEO Diane Hessan (pictured) said: “Even in the midst of a global economic decline, we’re receiving an unprecedented number of requests for communities in new geographic and cultural regions. In order to serve our global clientele, we’re seeking out world-class partners who understand the nuances of these local markets.”

Colmar Brunton will provide local support and an “on-the-ground team” to help clients build, manage and interact with their communities.

The firm’s global head of research 2.0 Steve Cierpicki said: “We see online communities and other forms of social networking as fundamental in the future of market research, equipping companies to supplement statistics with human experience… We’re confident that [Communispace’s] experience combined with our regional knowledge will offer marketers a whole new view of Australian and New Zealand consumers.”