NEWS7 March 2011

COI chief executive Mark Lund steps down

People UK

UK— Mark Lund is stepping down from his role as chief executive of the government’s marketing and communications body, the Central Office of Information (COI), at the end of May.

Lund has been in the role for two years and has overseen a challenging period following the change in government last year that resulted in a freeze on marketing spend and the loss of almost 300 jobs within the organisation.

Recently he has been working with Matt Tee, permanent secretary for government communication, to help coordinate a review of government direct communication and the future role of COI. The outcome of the review is expected soon.

Lund, meanwhile, is leaving to launch a new venture in the private sector, according to a statement. He said: “I can’t escape the fact that I am at heart someone who wants to run their own business more than anything else.”

Cabinet office minister Francis Maude said: “Mark has done an excellent job as COI chief executive and his skills will be missed in government. I wish him the best of luck with his new venture.”