NEWS13 February 2018

Clicksco launches audience management platform

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UK – Marketing technology company Clicksco has announced the beta launch of a cloud-based audience management platform, Carbon.

The Carbon by Clicksco team_crop

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool, built on the company’s data management platform (DMP), uses machine learning to provide insights on consumer behaviours. Advertisers using the platform will be able to view and segment audience data to inform marketing campaigns.

The company has said the new platform has been developed to be compliant with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Pete Danks, divisional chief executive of Carbon, said the platform “allows advertisers and agencies to leverage and augment their audience data to extract the most profitable outcomes” through the use of “profiling, segmentation, personalisation and data monetisation”.

Last year Clicksco partnered with Durham University for a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the aim of developing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to better understand customer behaviour in digital marketing.

Caption: (L-R) head of operations Adam Paxton, divisional CEO Pete Danks, head of product Graham Morley, chairman and CEO of The Clicksco Group John Rowe, head of data and strategy David Snocken, chief business development officer Paul Callaghan and head of technology Alistair McLean.