NEWS20 June 2013

CivicScience software to analyse survey database

Data analytics North America

US — Polling and data mining company CivicScience has launched a software platform that automates analyses of the company’s database of survey results.

Cascabel uses machine learning to instantly cross-tabulate survey questions against over 25,000 different respondent attributes in the CivicScience database and then surfaces the most predictive or correlated insights for marketers automatically.  

Available both through the CivicScience software and through an API, Cascabel’s core functionality is already being employed by a stable of customers in marketing, financial trading, and political research.  

“Most survey techniques limit marketers to a finite depth of insight, driven primarily by limited, human-based hypotheses,” said Ross McGowan, the company’s director of data science. “But we know that what drives behaviour is often deeper and less intuitive than can be found through traditional survey techniques. Cascabel answers questions most people never think to ask.”