NEWS8 July 2019

Cint partners with Syno International

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SWEDEN – Sample management platform Cint has partnered with data platform Syno International to expand its presence in Asia-Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Through the strategic partnership, Syno will build most of its products and services using Cint’s platform and tools for panel and sample management. The company will also develop new products using the Cint marketplace, including custom research panels, an international omnibus service and tools for measuring online advertising effectiveness.

Founded in 2014, Lithuania-headquartered Syno has offices in Europe and Asia.

Syno’s services will also be offered on a complementary basis alongside Cint’s technology offer.

The global tie-in will initially focus on EMEA and APAC and will expand the scale of both Cint and Syno. 

The companies have been working together for the past year. Jokke Nurminen, chief executive at Syno, who was previously country manager at Cint, said the partnership would bring the two "a more strategic and long-term view when it comes to investments in product development and plans for expansion".

He added: "By incorporating Cint’s underlying technology into our platform, we are able to scale quickly, obtain global reach, add more DMPs and DSPs to our data cloud."

Richard Thornton, chief operating officer at Cint, said: "This partnership means we are combining people and technology that complement one another. Syno offers agile technology that adds immense value to market research data. Similarly, Cint is transforming how marketers and researchers gather data for insights."