NEWS14 June 2023

Cint partners with Publishers Clearing House

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SWEDEN & US – Insights technology business Cint has begun a partnership with direct-to-consumer digital entertainment company Publishers Clearing House on respondent supply.

US-based direct marketing company Publishers Clearing House sells merchandise and magazine subscriptions, and offers sweepstakes and prize-based games.

The company conducts surveys with its community members. The partnership originated with Lucid prior to Cint buying Lucid, a deal that concluded in January last year.

Cint said the agreement with Publishers Clearing House has already led to growth for its data supplier partnerships across various verticals, including mobile gaming.

Smriti Sharma, head of consumer insights at Publishers Clearing House, said: “Traditional sweepstakes is our business and at the heart of that is a loyal community that we’ve grown over the years. Our work with Cint has allowed us to explore what other value we could provide to our community and how we could give our community a bigger voice in our society through their participation in surveys.”

Matt Hynes, executive vice-president global supply at Cint, said: “Consumers are becoming more comfortable with consenting to share their insights, so long as they trust the organisation with whom they share it. Now — as companies that curate communities face these changes —it is important to encourage them to think differently about the value and data within their communities.”