NEWS1 March 2016

Cint launches multi-panel app

Europe News

SWEDEN – Global software provider Cint has released OpinionAPP, an app for all its 19 million panellists on OpinionHUB.

OpinionAPP will give panellists a better user experience, with an overview of all of their survey panels from one single access point.

For Cint panel partners, the app is free and requires no technical skills to use. A stronger presence is possible as ‘survey cards’ are branded with their panel logo.

Because the app is more convenient it will increase user engagement, extending panellist lifetime and produce more revenue for the panel owners.

Oscar Carlsson, vice-president of Cint products, said: “At a time when attracting and maintaining sample supply is vital and an ongoing challenge, this innovation will go some way to helping our partners and the panel marketplace as a whole.”

During 2016, Cint plans to improve and expand the app to tie it into its upcoming Real Time Insights solution. This will connect panellist data (behavioural and demographic), ad-tracking technology, geo-location and survey capabilities, so advertisers can ask users any question they like.