NEWS10 March 2016

Cint adds multi sample source feature

Innovations News UK

UK — Panel marketplace platform provider Cint has launched Ad Hoc Supply, a feature that enables customers to add sample from different supply sources and run all research from one system.

The feature is part of the company’s Access Pro solution, which until now has only allowed customers to select sample from Cint’s platform. 

Users will be charged a nominal fixed fee per ad-hoc complete. 

“Some of our customers have ‘off-platform’ agreements with other suppliers that we do not work with, or that services countries we do not yet reach," said Stefan Hök, senior vice president of Cint products.

"Ad Hoc supply addresses this, with a feature embedded in Access Pro that allows customers to add their own suppliers as sample sources for their own projects, turning Access Pro into a truly open platform where they can run all of their research from one place."