NEWS24 November 2015

Cinema ads have greatest brand impact

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UK — Cinema advertising has the greatest combined brand impact of any medium with a 2.4% impact per person according to research by Millward Brown for Digital Cinema Media (DCM).


Building Box Office Brands is a new research study that draws on 183 Millward Brown CrossMedia European case studies, 88 of which were in the UK.

Vincent Blaney, European brand director, media & digital, Millward Brown presented the findings at DCM’s Upfronts event in London yesterday and explained there were five key findings from the study and that cinema outperformed other media in all but one of its five metrics.

For brand awareness cinema achieved 2.9% impact per person compared with 2.5% for TV and 1.5% for print. Similarly for brand difference cinema scored 2.9% followed by 1.9% for magazines.

In brand consideration, cinema was 3.6% (magazines 2.1%) and it was only in brand recommendation metric that magazines ( 1.7%) outperformed cinema ( 1.4%).

Blaney said: “Multiple touchpoints typically make stronger impact and integrated campaigns do work harder. Cinema has a clear role in brand building.”

Earlier in the event, Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of ad agency BBH had explained how he always encouraged clients to include cinema ads in their schedule, and to go to the cinema to watch the ad, and see the audience’s reaction to it to understand how it was performing.