NEWS3 February 2020

CIMM launches TV attribution best practice research

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US – The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) has begun a study focused on how different TV data inputs vary and impact attribution results, with the aim of defining best practices for attribution models.

Person using a TV remote control

The research, conducted by Janus Strategy & Insights and Sequent Partners, is part of an ongoing partnership with the American Association of Advertising Agencies ( 4As), which began in 2018.

It will analyse attribution results from six US linear TV campaigns that aired in 2019, comparing TV ad occurrence data sources, TV exposure data sources and delivery across syndicated data providers. CIMM and the 4As will work with companies including Comscore, Kantar and Nielsen on the study.

Jane Clarke, managing director and chief executive, CIMM, said: “As more granular TV data is becoming available for attribution, we have new methods and practices that need to be both vetted by the television industry and better understood by end users.”

Janus Insights & Strategy and Sequent Partners will develop conclusions and recommendations for a report on the topic. Initial findings from the experiment will announced on 6th February.

Alice Sylvester, partner, Sequent Partners, said: “By comparing two key components of television attribution – ad occurrences (schedules) and exposure data (ratings/delivery) – the CIMM and 4As experiment will uncover for advertisers, networks and agencies whether sources generally over or undercount occurrences and viewership. We also hope to identify the extent to which these differences impact widely used attribution models that marketers depend on.”