NEWS18 July 2012

CIMM and Symphony team up for ad effectiveness research

North America

US— The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is to collaborate with Symphony Advanced Media (SAM) to test new approaches to measuring cross-platform advertising.

The duo will test out new approaches that link passive measurement of actual advertising exposure to consumer response data. The test will also include a new approach where consumers are segmented by their social media profiles, activities and influence.

Facebook and Twitter data will be analysed and then linked with media consumption. This part of the project will be carried out by SAM and will use data collected from the firm’s Media Insiders Panel, which focuses on three-screen and social media consumers.

CIMM managing director Jane Clarke (pictured) said: “Uncovering new insights on multi-platform ad effectiveness — and linking these to activities like social media engagement — are increasingly valuable to advertisers and brands. To succeed, companies must have deep knowledge about the workings of each of the media and create solutions that address emerging and unmet client needs.”