NEWS19 April 2021

Children’s Commissioner launches ‘biggest ever survey’

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UK – The Children’s commissioner has begun a large-scale consultation with children across England to gauge priorities for a Beveridge-style report due later this year.


‘The Big Ask’ will run from 19th April to 19th May and will be made available in every school in England, with schools encouraged to use it during classes and assemblies.

The survey will be anonymous and will not ask for any directly identifiable information from children. Focus groups will also be used to ensure the experiences of pre-school age children are represented.

The results will be used in the commissioner’s Childhood Commission report, which will examine the future of childhood and is inspired by William Beveridge’s 1940s report into poverty that laid the foundations for the social security system.

England footballer Marcus Rashford will also take part in an online assembly to promote the survey.

Rachel de Souza, children’s commissioner for England, said: “I hope that every parent and carer, every teacher and anyone who works with children will encourage children to take part in this big, exciting opportunity.

“I want ‘The Big Ask’ to be the biggest survey of children ever carried out in this country so that we can better understand what children want from the people in power and those who make decisions about their lives.”