NEWS20 July 2020

Channel 4 partners with The Trade Desk

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UK – Demand-side platform (DSP) The Trade Desk has partnered with Channel 4 across the television programmer’s live and on-demand services.

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The partnership will allow The Trade Desk to measure advertising across all of Channel 4’s platforms on connected devices, including through the Channel 4 television channel and its video-on-demand service 4OD.

The partnership will cover 20 platforms in total.

The Trade Desk said it would adhere to regulatory standards by showing a Clearcast clock number throughout its advertising bidstream, which it said would provide transparency on the provenance of every advertisement.

Patrick Morrell, director of partnerships Europe, Middle East and Africa at The Trade Desk, said: “As advertisers recognize the data-driven potential of CTV advertising to maximise ad relevance and improve the viewer experience, this partnership with Channel 4 represents a further boost.

“Broadening access to Channel 4’s inventory for brands across the open internet means better targeting for brands and greater revenue for broadcasters.”

David Amodio, deputy head of digital and innovation at Channel 4, said: “We’re delighted to be integrated with The Trade Desk. The partnership enables our advertisers an important choice when buying brand safe broadcaster video programmatically across multiple platforms.”