NEWS4 July 2012

Channel 4 model to work out reach of 4oD campaigns

Data analytics UK

UK— Channel 4 is collaborating with RSMB Television Research on developing a model for working out the additional reach achieved by ad campaigns that run on both its linear TV stations and its on-demand platform 4oD.

The model is set to be formally presented to Channel 4 advertisers in the next few weeks but the broadcaster is also looking to adapt the model into a tool that can be used by media agencies themselves in planning and assessing campaigns.

Channel 4’s commercial research manager Joe Beek, who is leading the project, said: “We know that there are a certain number of people who can only be reached via digital platforms and what this model is trying to do is predict how many [ 4oD viewers] are repeat viewers and how many are new people.”

Click here for the full interview with Beek.