NEWS18 July 2017

Changes to location data policies set to affect mobile marketers

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US – Apple and Android are to introduce changes to their location data gathering policies that could impact mobile marketers. 

Mobile location data crop

Apple’s iOS 11 update, due in September, and Android O, which is still in developer preview, will alter the way consumers give out location data. 

The biggest change will see iPhones and iPads have a blue bar at the top of the screen that will alert users if background apps are tracking their location. Apple is also introducing different ways for app developers to request location data consent from users, including only allowing them to request ‘always’ tracking once. 

Android O will limit the frequency with which background data can be collected, from once every few minutes to a few times per hour. According to Android, this new feature is intended to reduce power consumption.

According to a story on AdExchanger, the most heavily affected apps will be those for which location tracking is always on unless restricted by the user, which represents about 20% of the market.