NEWS15 October 2009

Celebrity buzz gets The Nod with Attentio

New business UK

UK— Celebrity recommendations website and Attentio have struck a deal to track and analyse celebrity brand associations.

The quarterly Celebrand Index will track how consumer awareness is affected by official celebrity recommendations such as advertisements and celebrities’ own-brand products, as well as unofficial recommendations – a celebrity being spotted using product, for example.

Attentio’s co-founder Simon McDermott said: “Previous studies of this type just looked at whether celebrity endorsements work – which has been proven. Brands want to see more insights like which celebrities are generating buzz, in what sectors, and if those are positive mentions.”

Data is captured though tracking mentions on online news and social media sites. A trial conducted by the firms revealed that female celebrities are more discussed online than men and that some celebrities are discussed more emotively than others, indicating a celebrity’s potential to drive brand awareness.

The Celebrand Index will also aim to map rising stars, successful celebrity endorsements and point out where brand opportunities lie.