NEWS9 November 2009

Casro readies US push for ISO quality standard

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US— The Council of American Survey Research Organisations (Casro) is to make a big push next year for US agencies to get ISO certified, following uptake by their counterparts in Europe and Australia, among other places.

Casro president Diane Bowers (pictured) told Research a programme would be underway from 2010 to “inform and educate” companies about the global research quality standard and to assist them “in preparing for ISO certification”.

Efforts will start with ISO 20252, which provides minimum standards for the most common survey processes. Later, Bowers said, Casro will turn its attention to ISO 26362, which is a separate standard for access panel research.

Casro served as the US representative on the technical committee that developed ISO 20252, but the standard has so far failed to gain a strong foothold in the American market.

“We recognise that while there may not be as much of a demand on this side of the pond, clearly for companies involved in international research [the ISO] is a very important credential to consider, particularly when working with international clients,” said Bowers.

She said Casro as an organisation was sensitive to the increasing globalisation of research. “Between 65% and 70% of our members are involved in international research,” said Bowers, “and we need to be helping them to make sure that they understand the environment they are working in from a legal, an ethical and a practical standpoint.”



14 years ago

I know that the ISO contends that the 20252 standard saves money for organizations that adopt it by minimizing project rework - - but has anyone tried to quantify the ROI for research firms?

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14 years ago

The ISO standards are about documentation. They say nothing about quality. They'll impose big time and resources demands on survey organizations without any assurances that quality will raise. I strongly oppose these standards.

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