NEWS22 February 2010

Casro finds optimism returning in US research market

North America

US— Optimism continues to return to the US market research industry, with a recent survey by the Council of American Survey Research Organisations (Casro) finding a 10-point rise in those predicting a recovery for 2010.

78% of those Casro members who were surveyed in the fourth quarter of 2009 said that better times had already returned or would do so in 2010.

This is up only marginally on the third-quarter results ( 76%) but marks a fair increase over the 68% who predicted the recession would be over before the end of 2010 when questioned in Q2 2009.

Asked whether revenues in 2010 would be higher than in 2009, 77% of those in the Q4 survey said they would – compared to 73% in Q3.