NEWS14 February 2012

Car park operator picks Social360 for web monitoring

New business UK

UK— Car park operator NCP has hired Social360 to carry out a web listening project to unearth commercial opportunities and corporate, operational and service-related problems raised by customers through social media.

Paddy Herridge (pictured), COO at Social360, said: “As the UK’s best known car parking provider, NCP is a focus of discussion for anyone talking about parking on the web. However, the challenge is to filter out the noise around the brand to identify the content that presents real opportunities for the business.”

NCP’s head of marketing and customer relations Alison Sams added: “Whilst we have many thousands of customer interactions every day we’ve traditionally not had a way of accessing direct feedback from our users. Social listening enables us to pick up on what people are saying about our brand and then to use this to enhance what we offer.

“The challenge for us, as for many brands, is the sheer volume of conversation out there and how to extract real value from it.”