NEWS13 December 2017

Canadians have mixed feelings about AI

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CANADA – Canadians are at ease with artificial intelligence (AI) in their home and appliances and for scheduling appointments, they are less comfortable when it’s used in their personal lives, according to the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Tracker.

The tracker from marketing research and strategic advisory consultancy, Sklar Wilton & Associates found that 73% of Canadians are comfortable using AI to control their house temperature, 59% with utilities and appliances, 70% for scheduling and appointments and 59% shopping/eating recommendations.

However, for their personal lives and well-being, their attitudes differ – less than half ( 43%) are comfortable with AI diagnosing their medical conditions without doctor involvement and only 39% are comfortable with AI driving vehicles without human involvement.

Just over one-in-10 people ( 12%) report that they already use AI technologies in their personal life and a similar proportion ( 11%) say that they use them at work.

The majority ( 78%) said they need to know whether they are talking to a human being or a chatbot.

Charlie Wilton, partner at Sklar Wilton & Associates, said: “It’s clear that Canadians are eager to adopt AI technologies and they recognise these products and services can have amazing advantages. However, so far, they’re somewhat more sceptical when AI touches their personal lives, or could have impacts on their loved ones.”