NEWS30 May 2017

Canadian government invests in longitudinal health research

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CANADA – The Government of Canada is supporting a pan-Canadian platform of research, the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA), which will follow 51,000 Canadians aged 45 to 85 (at recruitment) for 20 years.

Older group

The government has invested $1.7m to support 25 projects to be carried out across the country to use and analyse baseline CLSA data to answer health-related questions, on the biological, medical, psychological, social, lifestyle and economic aspects of ageing, disability and disease.

The platform is intended to be a valuable source of data for early career researchers and trainees. It will include data on health status, physical assessments, diseases, cognition, psychological well-being and mental health, social well-being, economic aspects of ageing and blood-based biological markers. 

"As our population ages, we need to work to ensure that Canadians continue to get the services they need, in a way that is appropriate to their needs," said Jane Philpott, Minister of Health.

"Research is a critical building block for providing better support to Canadians, and I congratulate each of the 25 teams of researchers that will explore the rich CLSA data to provide answers to their questions. I also applaud all the Canadians participating in this important national effort."