NEWS26 July 2011

Calzedonia hires Experian FootFall for people counting

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ITALY— Beachwear and lingerie retailer Calzedonia Group has hired Experian FootFall to install shopper counting technology in all 2,500 of its European shops.

The technology is being phased in, with 575 Italian stores already fitted with passive infrared sensors which are used to count the numbers of people entering the premises.

Experian says it is installing the technology at a rate of 50 shops a month, with the aim of completing all 1,500 Italian branches by 2012. “Work on an international roll out has also begun,” the firm said.

Calzedonia said in a statement: “Experian FootFall’s software transmits data to the checkout in real time, enabling the store manager to monitor conversion rates and other important KPIs.

“In addition, every evening the day’s trading information is relayed back to head office for analysis. This enables us to have a constant picture of how the business is performing and where changes need to be made.”