NEWS30 May 2017

C Space launches General Election community project

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UK – C Space has launched Speak Up Britain, a project aiming to offer a ‘human perspective’ on the challenges facing the British public in the run up to the UK General Election 2017.

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The project will combine a range of methodologies, at the core of which is an ongoing online insight community of over 400 citizens from across the UK. Community participants will share real-time reactions through user-generated film content, capturing needs, pain points and insights, as well as reflections on how events are shaping their own voting intentions and the deeper issues that are driving those decisions.

The community launched three weeks ago and will run across the election period and into the weeks following the results.

Alongside the community, C Space also has a specialist documentary team gathering public perspectives. 

“Against the backdrop of Brexit, in a post truth world, this is an election like no other," said Phil Burgess, joint managing director (EMEA) at C Space.

"Through the Speak Up Britain community we are hearing stories of profound indecision, deep lack of trust, voter fatigue, cynicism and apprehension. Whilst the news reports the loudest, most polarised opinions on a rolling cycle, we think there is space for something different – for empathy, for looking beyond the headlines, for understanding people’s hopes and fears and telling the human stories behind the election as events unfold.

"Through this project we hope to provide an alternative, thought-provoking perspective – the context behind the headlines.”