NEWS12 February 2024

BVA BDRC wins Barb CFlight contract

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UK – Television audience measurement body Barb has awarded the contract for its CFlight Landscape Study to insights consultancy BVA BDRC.

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CFlight allows Barb to estimate the size and profile of audiences for TV platforms across the UK and to understand the household dynamics of video-on-demand (VOD) consumption.

Barb assumed governance responsibility for CFlight in January this year, and BVA BDRC will be responsible for 8,000 nationally representative interviews with UK adults as part of the new contract.

CFlight was launched in March 2022 in beta mode and developed by Sky Media, ITV and 4 Sales in the UK.

As part of Barb’s joint-industry reporting of audiences, it intends to expand the number of services included in CFlight and the Advanced Campaign Hub, with any VOD or streaming service that is a full Barb licensee able to participate on the same terms as existing participants.

Jim Jarrett, head of research operations at Barb, said: “As more VOD services integrate advertising into their business models, it’s important that the Landscape Study is updated to reflect how audiences are evolving in response.

“This is the cornerstone of CFlight and will enhance our audience measurement service by giving advertisers, agencies and broadcasters deeper insights into how their campaigns are performing.”

Tim Barber, director at BVA BDRC, said: “We are thrilled to be appointed by Barb to manage the CFlight Landscape Study. Our award-winning expertise and insights will help refresh the services measured by CFlight to deliver the next iteration of TV measurement.”