NEWS25 March 2024

BVA BDRC develops synthetic data tool

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UK – Insight, data and analytics company BVA BDRC has launched a tool for artificial intelligence-based quantitative analysis.

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BVA BDRC’s ‘Pixel.AI’ tool is the result of eight months of joint development between the company’s research and development teams and startup Fairgen.

The tool uses synthetic data and offers analysis of sub-targets within quantitative studies. The company said it can “predict responses from restricted segments” by training on existing and representative data.

Emilie Boutes, chief innovation officer at BVA BDRC’s parent group The BVA Family, said the development would “open new horizons in analysis”.  

Boutes added: “We take pride in this solution developed by our data R&D teams, in collaboration with Fairgen, and evaluated for over eight months on pilot projects with our clients. Pixel.AI encapsulates our commitment to delivering increasingly precise and relevant insights.” 

Fairgen is a Tel Aviv-based company, founded in 2022, that offers synthetic data technology that can be used by market research businesses to expand their survey coverage.