NEWS13 July 2010

Buzzient and Interactive Intelligence link up for social media monitoring

Middle East and Africa Trends

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES— Business communication technology firm Interactive Intelligence and social media analytics agency Buzzient have teamed up to launch a new social media monitoring and reporting service.

The new offering combines Interactive Intelligence’s routing and reporting technology with Buzzient’s social media analysis tools to track content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Users are able to search for defined keywords, which will be picked up by the Buzzient software and then routed as an email message to an appropriate individual or department by the Interactive Intelligence technology.

The service recognises content in 60 languages and supports sentiment analysis in English, German and French. The firms said that content is collected in real time from a “huge number of online sources”.

Timothy Jones, Buzzient’s CEO said: “Most organisations today understand the benefits of social media applications, from improved customer service and retention, to better products and services. Without integration to a company’s communications routing and reporting systems, however, there is a far greater chance for wrong, inappropriate or inefficient responses, which can turn minor customer annoyances into major public crises.”