NEWS16 May 2013

Buxton to use Visa for retailers’ customer analytics

Data analytics North America

US — Buxton is to use Visa Consumer Spending Insights for its customer analytics for American retailers and local governments.

The move will see summarised retail transactions data from Visa added to Buxtons’ consumer analytics to help retailers enhance location intelligence and well as compare performance with their competitors.

In addition, Visa’s data will be used in Buxton’s tourism and economic reports to improve its offerings to local government and economic development organisations.

“Buxton’s relationship with Visa will help retailers and the public sector be more successful at driving benefits to their businesses and local communities, ” said Tom Buxton, founder and CEO of Buxton.

The deal comes after the two companies settled a legal dispute.

In August 2012, Buxton went to court claiming it was tricked into revealing its research methods as to inform the development of Visa’s own analytics products.

However, in a joint status report last month, the companies said that they had conducted a face-to-face settlement conference at the office of Buxton’s counsel in January.

Asking for a Joint Motion to Stay the proceedings, the report said that following the active settlement discussions, the parties were “now very close to agreeing the principal terms necessary to fully resolve and settle this matter”.

The case was settled and closed on 1 May.