NEWS20 February 2017

Business tech best B2B customer experience

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UK – The business technology sector (including hardware and software) provides the best B2B customer experience in the UK, according to a new KPMG Nunwood report.

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In the B2B Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) analysis, decision makers stated that the business technology sector led the way for customer experience – ahead of the legal sector in second place and the insurance sector in third. The telecoms sector came last.

The research also revealed that UK B2B companies continue to lag behind their US counterparts when it comes to customer experience. The US takes an 8% lead on the UK (CEE score 7.44 and 6.89, respectively).

The gap between the two countries was actually larger for B2B customer experience than it was for B2C. Recent KPMG Nunwood research found that the gap between the UK and US is beginning to close for B2C customer experience.

The survey researched nearly 3,000 respondents at more than 130 B2B US and UK companies about their experience of dealing with B2B businesses. 

David Conway, director at KPMG Nunwood, said: “Our expectations of customer experience are heavily influenced by our own interactions as consumers and that’s why we increasingly hear about the ‘consumerisation’ of B2B. That said, B2B is more complex than the more traditional business-to-consumer relationship. There are a greater number of stakeholders involved, ranging from the end users of a product or service, to a decision maker making the purchase or entering a contract.”