NEWS2 December 2019

Business response to environment is ‘too little’

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UK – More than 70% of UK consumers think business response to tackling environmental damage is ‘too little, too late’, according to research from Kantar.

A green earth held by human hands in a forest raised to the sun

Younger generations of millennials agree the most with this statement ( 78%) and almost 90% of respondents agreed that brands need to take more responsibility for the waste they produce and the impact it has on our environment.

Three-quarters also agree that due to inaction from many of the world’s governments, consumers are looking toward brands to act as forces for positive change in society.

And people are willing to change their purchasing because of this. More than three-quarters of consumers ( 77%) said that in the past 12 months, they had switched, avoided or boycotted buying certain products, or might consider doing so in the future, based on their view of a brand’s sustainability and environmental policies.

Brand loyalty based on these credentials was lowest among the youngest cohort with 87% of 16- 24-year-olds saying they had switched or might do so.

Mark Chamberlain, managing director of brand, Kantar UK said: “Consumers now expect businesses to be driven by some direction other than simply making a profit. These values are fast becoming key assets in helping boost brand value while projecting a positive corporate image, and by doing so businesses can demonstrate a clear sense of purpose.”

Kantar questioned more than 1,200 UK consumers between the ages of 16 and over 65.