NEWS7 March 2024

Business Intelligence Group rejoins MRS

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UK – The Business Intelligence Group (BIG) will be reintegrated into the Market Research Society (MRS) to form a network that aims to promote best practice in business-to-business (B2B) research. 

stephen bairfelt

The new network will offer MRS members free access to specialist B2B resources and events. MRS said almost 200 companies in its directory now conduct at least some B2B research.

The Business Intelligence Group was formerly one of the special interest groups within MRS but became independent in the 1990s.

Stephen Bairfelt (pictured), former chair of ICG and previously a member of the MRS main board, takes up the role of network chair. 

The wider committee, which will include support from MRS executive staff, will be formed ahead of its official launch in April 2024.

The group will continue to represent the B2B research community while supporting the development of talent more widely. New initiatives will include a dedicated B2B research training programme as part of the broader MRS training portfolio.

Jane Frost, chief executive of MRS, said: “I am delighted to welcome the BIG network into the MRS family of networks. BIG brings with it a huge amount of expertise and experience in B2B research, which is an innovative and vibrant part of the research and insights sector.”

Stephen Bairfelt, incoming chair of MRS BIG’s committee, said: “Independently of each other, MRS and BIG do fantastic work supporting practitioners and beating the drum for our sector. However, together we’re much stronger than the sum of our parts.

“As more and more practitioners undertake at least some of their work in the B2B field, the new MRS network will play an important role in ensuring best practice and ultimately delivering quality insights for clients across the board.”