NEWS17 November 2011

Bunchball working with Adobe on gamification analytics

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US— Bunchball, the developer of a website gamification platform, is partnering with Adobe in a bid to integrate gamification analytics into Adobe’s digital marketing suite.


The idea behind the partnership is to allow customers of both companies to overlay Adobe web analytics data with actions that take place on Bunchball’s Nitro Gamification platform to bring about an improved understanding of content performance and user engagement.

Nitro works by adding a gamification layer to websites, setting challenges for users and rewarding them with points for completing certain actions which they can then spend on virtual items or use to take part in games like poker.

Working with Adobe, Bunchball says it hopes to be able to deliver analytics that address questions like which challenges are most popular, which rewards are most meaningful and which features create a greater sense of engagement.

Bunchball founder and chief product officer Rajat Paharia said: “The gamification space is changing as rapidly as it grows. The integration with leading analytics from Adobe adds a new way for companies to really test and maximise how they drive desired user behaviour.”

Customers of Bunchball include Playboy, MTV and Syfy. The Adobe integration is still pre-beta.