NEWS24 November 2009

British Gas embarks on ‘listening’ exercise


UK— British Gas has mounted a major newspaper ad campaign to recruit a panel of customers who will be invited to share views and suggestions with the energy company’s managers.

But the gas and electricity firm is taking a different approach to most other firms these days – such as retailer Asda – who are busy building sizable online customer communities.

Instead, British Gas is looking to recruit just 20 or so individuals. Communications between the company and the panel will be a mix of face-to-face and online.

On its recruitment website, the company says: “We’re inviting customers to come right into our day-to-day operations, to see how we source, generate and buy energy, meet our people… and ask any questions they like.

“Together they’ll make up a new panel who’ll share their views and suggestions with our leadership team – and report back publicly on what they’ve found.”

A spokesman for British Gas said traditional market research wasn’t the aim of the initiative. Instead the company is billing the move as a “listening” exercise.


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15 years ago

Interesting but why only 20? They should be capable of providing this type opportunity to far more than 20, it would likely provide more opportunities for insight and be more representative. Good to see that they intend to interact with them both online and in person, this can be very effective. However, I wonder how many they will start with in order to have 20 still participating when done with the exercise? Also, curious as to what business decisions they intend to make on the basis of this information? Would be good to read their case study once complete.

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