NEWS8 February 2022

British and Australian marketing bodies partner

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UK/AUSTRALIA – The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has agreed a joint partnership providing members to access best practice and training.

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The agreement will allow members to have a joint membership of both organisations at a preferential rate, allowing them to access best practice, training and resources from both organisations.

The joint membership will enable AMI members who are also CIM members to benefit from a 15% reduction in CIM training course fees, as well as accessing more than 90 virtual and online training courses.

Completion of the courses will see AMI and CIM members receive a globally recognised certificate from CIM.

Both memberships will allow people to use existing qualifications and experience to become a chartered member of CIM or join AMI’s certified professional marketer programme.

Chris Daly, chief executive at CIM, said: “It was clear very early on in our discussions that the AMI shared our passion for upskilling through training and qualifications.

“The new partnership will enable us to provide access to the very latest training, research, thought leadership, webinars and best practice – making Australian and British marketers the envy of the world.”

Narendra Prasad, chief executive officer at the AMI, said: “This partnership between AMI and CIM is a milestone achievement in the long history of the two institutes, that came to fruition after two years of fruitful discussions.

“We exist to progress the careers of our members. This partnership enables us to bring the best there is to upskill our professional marketers and provide recognition at both national and global levels.”