NEWS29 March 2011

BritainThinks to gauge ‘symbols of growth’

New business UK

UK— Accounting giant PwC has contracted public opinion consultancy BritainThinks to take part in a research project examining what people think is important in the work and financial aspects of their lives.

The aim of the project is to define what ‘growth’ means in the eyes of the public “in a way that reflects people’s real priorities for growth and is also expressed in the terms people actually use in everyday life”.

BritainThinks will hold a deliberative workshop in Birmingham this week to quiz 32 respondents from around the country on the issue.

Co-founder Deborah Mattinson (pictured) said: “The current economic situation is a serious concern for everybody in the UK, but there is no meaningful communication between the government and the people of what symbols of growth are – in fact it seems that those with power are talking a completely different language from everyone else.”