NEWS4 May 2021

BritainThinks hires interns

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UK – International insight and strategic consultancy BritainThinks has appointed five new research assistants as part of its internship scheme.


The graduates who have been hired through the internship scheme are Doireann O’Brien (pictured), Bea Carpenter, Rebecca Burslam, Sophie Giles and Tom Lusuardi.

O’Brien was in research roles at the Economic and Social Research Institute, Trinity College Dublin and the Irish Penal Reform Trust before joining BritainThinks. She has most recently completed an internship at the Council of Europe.

Carpenter was previously working in the public sector before joining BritainThinks, while Burslam had a research role in academia.

Giles has worked for BritainThinks on a freelance basis, and has also worked as a desk researcher for non-governmental organisations, while Lusuardi was previously in the marketing and education in the public and private sectors in the UK and east Asia.

BritainThinks’ London Living Wage internship scheme has run since the company was founded in 2010, and almost half of its current staff members have previously been through the programme.

Ben Shimshon, co-founder and managing partner of BritainThinks, said “We are really excited to have Bea, Rebecca, Sophie, Tom and Doireann on board as part of our expanding internship programme. We look forward to working with all five of them as part of our growing team.”